Skyrim Patch to be Released After Thanksgiving

Rejoice, Sons and Daughters of Skyrim! Bethesda’s Pete Hines has announced an estimated time of release for the newest patch.

“PS3 & 360 updates have been submitted for certification.” Hines tweeted. “PC coming too. Current estimate is they will be live the week after T’giving.”

Hopefully this patch will fix a range of issues and glitches that have slipped under the radar, such as quests refusing to trigger, issues with followers and problems with inventory and items. 

One bug we hope it doesn’t fix, however, is this hilarious Giant glitch.

It seems that the majority of bugs and glitches found in Skyrim are more or less funny to watch than actually game breaking, from stories of horses randomly bursting into flames to dead bodies teleporting and crashing people’s weddings. One player even witnessed a guard trying to arrest a fish for attacking them.

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[Source:  Examiner]