Telltale Employees Post Jurassic Park Reviews to Metacritic

If you go out into the internet wilderness today, a place with constant storms and overgrown plant life, you may find a group of overly keen, angry people thumping their chests and shouting at the moon. These people are gamers, and something has got them riled up.

Apparently, and read this as if I'm whispering in a public place about a vicar having an affair with a football team, some Telltale employees, proud of the game they and their co-workers spent a significant portion of their lives creating, took to Metacritic a couple of days ago, writing positive user reviews.

Like old ladies cooing over gossip in the frozen aisle, I'm sure you're suitably interested. What with EA vetting reviewers who'll give Battlefield 3 a suitably high score and 101 other stories about big companies trying to manipulate the press to do their bidding, I can see why people now think Jurasic Park should suffer as the result of a couple of employees adding a user review – an act usually so insignificant (eventually there will be hundreds of user reviews, balancing out the score) that it's not even worth mentioning.

Why did I mention it? Because a lot of other sites are going to try and turn this into news again and again over the next few days and I don't believe a game should suffer negative press based on something as silly as all this.