Mass Effect 3: Ashley Gets the Angry Gorilla Makeover

Ashley was one of those characters that you either loved or hated based on your first impression.

Her (initially) xenophobic views towards the Turians shouldn’t go unremarked, but her intelligence allowed her to temper her views into something less than benighted, and allowed players—especially those who got close to her—to see her for who she really was and respect her character.

It’s lamentable to note Ashley appears to have undergone plastic surgery in-between the second and third games. Whereas before she used to look like Rachel Bilson, Bioware has “improved” her looks to look more like a cross between an angry gorilla and the guy from Tokio Hotel. The result is downright appalling.

The fact that Bioware considers this markedly poor change to be an improvement may be a bad sign for what the company has in store for the third game.

via reddit.