Fallout 4 Patch 1.3 Shows A Big Upgrade In Draw Distance On Consoles

Fallout 4
‘s 1.3 update was released on the PC earlier this month, adding with it a bunch of improvements and fixes that raised the visuals by adding weapon debris effects for Nvidia card owners. The update also brought with it the ability to rotate objects while in Workshop mode, and a new status menu for settlements to view your settlers with.

For the most part, the update adds general memory and stability improvements that make the game a lot more stable across all platforms, in addition to many bug fixes. A number of quests have been tweaked based on feedback provided by the community in an effort to keep up the game’s level of polish and fix its remaining issues ahead of the release of the game’s modding tools.

Today, the patch was released across Xbox One and PS4 platforms. One of the major changes unique to the console versions (that PC versions don’t have to deal with) is the increased draw distance. Now thanks to the patch and optimizations done to the game in general, players on the console will notice that objects fade at a much greater distance than ever before.

To showcase the new improvement, Bethesda released a video on its Twitter account comparing the old version and the new 1.03 post-patch version, which clearly shows the increased level of detail in the game’s visuals.

This isn’t going to be the last patch Bethesda releases for the game, as the company is still working on several DLC releases as well as modding tools that will allow modders the freedom to accomplish a lot more than what they’ve currently done with the game.

We’ll keep you posted.