New Vivid Fallout 4 Texture Packs Can Also Improve Performance

Vivid Fallout 4 Landscape 2
A fan has made new texture packs for Fallout 4 that you will want to install and replace the original textures as soon as you can.

That is because these new textures do not just improve image quality. They are actually also less demanding, performance wise, than the original game textures.

With improved performance in mind, modder Hein84 offers several versions to fit your build and needs. Best Choice and 1K are the versions best used if you are looking for an performance boost. 2K is closer to the original size of these texture files. Lastly, 4K is available for gamers with the most high end GPUs on their powerful rigs. If somehow you’re still not sold on these packs, you can check out some screenshots of the packs in action below.

We have featured many Fallout 4 mods here at Gameranx. You can get mods to add seasons to the world. You can use one to guide your bullets so you can conserve ammo. One mod will remove all weapon mod restrictions. This mod will make Fallout look more like Borderlands. You can even do crazier things, like play as characters from Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, or pick up Buzz Lightyear colored Power Armor. This mod gives all the characters cartoony faces, and this gives you lightsabers. If nothing else, you can get a mod to give you a backpack so you don’t have to feel like you are keeping all your loot in invisible pockets.

Vivid Fallout Landscapes

Vivid Fallout 4 Landscape 1

Vivid Fallout 4 Landscape 2

Vivid Fallout 4 Landscape 3

Vivid Fallout Trees

Vivid Fallout 4 Trees 2

Vivid Fallout 4 Trees 3

Vivid Fallout 4 Trees 1

Vivid Fallout Rocks

Vivid Fallout 4 Rocks 1

Vivid Fallout 4 Rocks 2

Vivid Fallout 4 Rocks 3