Gir! Listen To This Choir Sing The Dragonborn Theme from Skyrim

I am what  you call, a sucker for video game music. I go to the Video Games Live show every year while visiting Los Angeles for E3, and I once donated to the Kickstarter campaign for Jeremy Soule, the composer for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, just to get a signed copy of the soundtrack CD. Worth it! There’s nothing like air-conducting during your morning shower while trumpeting “YOU SHOULD HAVE ACTED” with dramatic, Thu’um-inspired flair.

This past week, Swedish choir Orphei Drängar and Grammy winner Myrra Malmberg came together for a live performance in Sweden commemorating the launch of Now That’s What I Call Video Game Music 3! The Greatest Video Game Music: Choral Edition, the third in a series of albums featuring re-imagined versions of popular scores in virtual entertainment. In the above footage, watch the breathtaking performance of the Dragonborn theme from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The backing music is stripped down to allow the full vocal arrangement to reverberate with a rich warmth that almost surpasses the beauty of the orchestral version. I challenge you to get through it without imagining yourself in Sovngarde.

The choir sang a number of other songs during the concert, from the Dragon Age: Inquisition theme to Still Alive from Portal 2, some items from God of War 3, The Last of Us, Assassin’s Creed IV, and Final Fantasy X, as well as an additional Skyrim theme, Age of Oppression. Stay tuned because we’ll have more videos of those for you later in an exclusive post.

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