Registration For Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Closed Beta Now Open

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, a soft reboot of the 2008’s cult hit original Mirror’s Edge, has a rapidly approaching release date, and now, a closed beta to back it up. Today the closed beta for the game, an origin story exploring Faith’s background, has officially opened for registration. Players can sign up for their preferred platform by visiting the official site. An EA account will be required to register.

In bringing the Mirror’s Edge series back, some changes have been made to the game; players will no longer have the option to use guns, and the melee-focused combat will serve as an extension of Faith’s parkour movements, instead of acting as a separate system. Catalyst also features an open world design, as opposed to the linear paths of the past, and there will be no loading screens between areas, allowing for the most fluid movement across Faith’s urban playground yet.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst will be released on Origin for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on May 24, 2016 in North America and May 26, 2016 in Europe. Pre-orders of the game will include the Combat Runner Kit, offering in-game bonuses of combat and speed themed Projection sliders to change your appearance to other players in their universe, a Runner Tag to help you standout on the leaderboards, and unique background to customize Screen Hacks. To pre-order, visit the official store page.

On this occasion a new story trailer has also been revealed, which you can check out above. For more news on Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, be sure to check out our site tag to get caught up on the latest stories.