Bungie Wants To Know Why You Stopped Playing Destiny

According to a Reddit post, Bungie is reportedly sending out surveys to players who have not logged in and played Destiny in a while to ask them why they stopped playing the game. The below screenshot was posted by /u/unknownRNG on Imgur, according to GamesRadar.

Destiny Why Stop Playing

The survey asks players two questions: “Why haven’t you been playing Destiny lately?” and “How likely are you to play Destiny again in the future?” Some of Bungie’s suggestions for why players may have quit the game include: “I’ve run out of things to do,” “Endgame content (Nightfall, Heroic, Raid) is too challenging,” “I don’t like recent changes made to the game,” and “My contact with other players has been unenjoyable.” Neither Bungie nor Activision has confirmed that the survey is legitimate, so all of this could just be a hoax.

If they are indeed surveying players who have quit the game, it seems like Bungie is trying to get to the bottom of what has been angering the Destiny community for a while but may not be so easy to quantify without talking to those who left. For example, players often complain about others cheating in the game, and while Bungie has taken an active role in banning those who do so, cheating is still pervasive. Bungie has also begun doling out restrictions and bans to those who attempt to scam other players, another game-wide issue.

Let’s just hope that the next big Destiny-related news item is a Destiny 2 update and not another report of player unhappiness.

Are you unhappy with Destiny? If you are (or even if you’re not), be sure to let us know what you think about all this in the comments.