Grand Theft Auto 5 Has Sold A Staggering Number Of Copies

Take-Two has today announced Grand Theft Auto 5 shipments have exceeded 60 million units worldwide.

Announcing its financial results, Take-Two said the game had “sold-in” by more than that figure, meaning that’s how many copies have been sent to retailers to date. Sales to endpoint consumers are referred to as ‘sold-through’ and while the publisher declined to provide that figure, it’s likely not far too off.

Record revenues were also reported for Grand Theft Auto Online and Take-Two expects the continuing growth throughout the next fiscal year, which starts on April 1st.

Rumours resurfaced last month of single player DLC for GTA5, with Franklin actor Shawn Fonteno posting an image of himself in a motion capture suit while surrounded by Rockstar Games posters. Michael’s actor Ned Luke later took to Facebook to say he had no knowledge of any additional story content for the game being in development.

Elsewhere, Take-Two announced that six million copies of NBA 2K16 have been sold-in to date and the company has earned higher profits than those generated by previous games in the franchise. Sales of the basketball game rose 72% year-on-year compared to NBA 2K15, with sales of the game’s mobile version increasing by 60% compared to previous releases.

For the coming year, Take-Two pointed to Mafia 3 and Battleborn as its high profile releases. Additional details concerning Mafia 3 will be announced over the next few months. Numerous retailers, including Amazon, GameStop, and Best Buy have listed the game for release in April but Take-Two has yet to officially confirm that.

A “number” of unannounced games, including new IP, are being developed at Take-Two and all recent and future games will receive post-launch support. CEO Strauss Zelnick also briefly discussed VR support, saying it’s too early to tell if consumers will adopt the technology. Should they do so, however, Take-Two “will be there”.