Happy (Nick) Valentine’s Day! Get Your Fallout 4 Cards Now

Nick Valentine is my favorite Fallout 4 companion. He’s one of the only companions you can’t romance, and yet, something about that literally unlovable android just does it for me. Is it the cadence of his snappy voice? The dapper hat and jacket? That perfectly sculpted mechanical jaw? Maybe I just like the feeling of being “one of them dames” in an old detective noir film.

Whatever the case, the companions of Fallout 4 feature some of the best character writing in the entire game, and romancing them was just an added bonus. I made all of them my boyfriends and girlfriends. I’m a regular Commonwealth cad. I get a Lover’s Embrace bonus at every settlement I sleep in, and I ain’t got no shame about it.


Thus, these Fallout 4 Valentine’s Day cards are just perfect for me. They make me wish I was still back in elementary school so I could tape a paper bag to the edge of my desk and rack up a sweet V-day haul. Featuring all 13 companions (Dogmeat, Codsworth, Strong, X6-88, Curie, Cate, Paladin Danse, Hancock, Piper, Nick Valentine, MacCready, Deacon, and Preston) from the game, the cards are the work of California based artist Jillian Bakos. To see the full set and download and print for your own use, visit her Tumblr page.


To see more of the swoon-worthy Nick Valentine, you should take a look at this impressive cosplay. For more Fallout 4 related goodness, hit up our Fallout 4 tag, where you’ll find everything from the latest news to our extensive game guides.

via TheOmegaNerd