The Division Beta Gets Positive Response From Community

the division
Tom Clancy’s The Division is one of this years most anticipated games, and now fans have one less thing to worry about: based on feedback from Redditors participating in the beta, the game seems to exceed expectations.

“I canceled my pre-order,” writes /u/Tomotronic, “and pre-ordered the gold edition instead!! Thanks ubisoft and massive for what looks like it’s going to be an amazing game!!!” Several other Redditors echoed that they too upgraded to the gold edition after playing the beta. “I couldn’t give ubisoft/massive my money fast enough,” /u/86proof chimes in.

Many players seemed to agree that the game’s social aspects were what really made it enticing. “They also made it incredibly easy to join up with people on the fly,” /u/baldrad reports. “The social aspect of the game really drew me in. I logged on to play by myself and found a group, partied up and two hours later I had plenty of memories.” This point seemed to be the most significant for a lot of people who follow /r/thedivision. “With so many games shying away / making it difficult to socialize, I’m very happy to see them making it a focal point,” /u/Al3xzandar agreed.

Only a few people seemed to not like the game that much after playing the beta; a few complained about the graphics and the fact that the game has been over-hyped. Others weren’t too impressed by gameplay mechanics. But the naysayers were rare, and the overwhelming feedback seems to be that The Division is worth the time and money.