Techland Sheds Light On The Evolution Of Zombies With “100 Years Of Zombies” Video

In their unending bid to remind us that Dying Light exists, today Techland has released a promotional video highlighting the history of zombies in pop culture. Executed as a parody of the many makeup videos on YouTube documenting a century of beauty standards across history and world cultures, it acts as a good primer and introductory lesson on how zombies became such a popular and enduring theme in entertainment over the years, illustrating each iteration as the genre grew through literature, film, and eventually, video games. And the video doesn’t just cover how the zombies looked, but also how they acted and how they could be killed, a very important distinction in the various stages of their pop culture evolution. Get your Zombies 101 on by checking out the clip above.

Dying Light: The Following is an upcoming DLC chapter that takes parkour protagonist Kyle from the tightly packed streets of Harran to the open meadows and farmlands outside its walls. It is the first official story-driven piece of downloadable content to be released for Dying Light, and adds buggies, hunting towers, new skills, and a new Nightmare difficulty mode to the game. As part of the Enhanced Edition, it is coming out on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 on February 9, 2016.

To read more about Dying Light: The Following and get a feel for how the buggies will handle in-game, be sure to check out our preview here.