Street Fighter V Expanded Story Details Announced And Final Beta Revealed

Capcom announced today that Street Fighter 5’s story mode will get a free, content expansion in June. The update will add over an hour of “cinematic content” and fill in the storyline between Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter V (via GameSpot).

The developer told IGN that the game’s story mode will first feature the typical arcade fighting game story mode, moving through battles with snippets of backstory in between. The big story update this June will provide that significant jump in content.

The game’s executive producer, Yoshinori Ono, recently discussed the expansion with GameSpot:

"We have two approaches that we're actually taking. First and foremost, there are the character stories, which are really serving as a prologue in terms of getting people up to speed with what's happening in Street Fighter 5, and it's very similar to what you see in other Street Fighter titles–it has still screenshots, conversations, and banter between characters."

"This is not going to be typical illustrations; this is going to have in-game models, everything will happen in real time, and it's also going to have an hour plus of cinematic content. To be very clear: we're going to give [this story expansion] out for free. So anybody who has purchased the disc and has the game will be getting this content for free via an update coming in June."

The company also discussed how in-game currency, called “Fight Money,” will work. Playing in arcade or survival modes and ranking each one up individually will earn some Fight Money. Until the first DLC character is released in March, this should tide players over to purchase that character for free. After that point, there will be daily missions that can be played to earn Fight Money.

Finally, the game’s last beta has also been revealed. While Capcom hasn’t announced which game build will be playable, we now know it’ll take place between January 30 at 12:01 a.m. PST and January 31 at 7 p.m. PST. Only players who have pre-ordered the game in will be able to access the beta.

Street Fighter V releases on February 16 for PC and PS4. We learned last year that it will indeed never come to Xbox One.