Just Cause 3’s Next Patch Promises ‘Significantly Improved Loading Times’

Just Cause 3 next patch has been detailed by Square Enix on the game's website and promises "Significantly improved loading times", among other improvements.  

Patch 1.02 will weight in at 132MB and also offers general stabilit improvements, removes the glitch that makes vehicles disappear at the start of a challenge, and enhances online stats. PC players will also see a bug resulting from screen resizing removed. 

Avalanche also discussed some design decisions, saying there's deliberately no spring button, as you're supposed to use your grappling hook and wing suit. Rico is also unable to crouch because you're not supposed to hide, and the general location of those final few chaos objects can be found on your map. 

The patch for the PC version of the game will be available this Friday, with the patch coming to console once the certification process is complete which should also be this week.