Fallout 4 Genius Constructs Porygon 2 Using Lightboxes

In what may be the greatest collision of disparate gaming cultures, Redditor /u/SirScrubington built their favorite Pokémon, Porygon 2, out of lightboxes in Fallout 4. Like a beacon, its shining façade invites wandering travelers in from the fog.

This isn’t the first artwork we’ve seen that utilizes lightboxes, but it might be the most impressive yet. Seriously, how long did this take? Here’s hoping /u/SirScrubington has some more work up their sleeve that they plan to share.

If any readers have some of their own pieces they want to share, please feel free to link in the comments.

If you want to build something like this for your settlement, check out our guide to animated lightbox art here – it features a pretty neat example you might like if you loved this rendition of Porygon 2.

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