OtherSide Entertainment Discusses The Player Directed Experience Of Underworld Ascendant

Earlier this month, OtherSide Entertainment announced the upcoming fantasy RPG Underworld Ascendant. A current generation sequel to Ultima Underworld and Ultima Underworld 2, this new installment embraces the game's improvisation features with a brand new engine built to explore a vast world of choices and possibilities, giving the player multiple solutions to the game's many challenges.

In a recent interview, studio head Paul Neurath and design director Joe Fielder discuss at length the the "contextual solutions" aspect of the game, explaining how the many environmental, combat and character customizable class and faction options lend themselves to providing a diverse set of approaches to conflict. The interview drops a few other details, like the status of the Ultima brand and if players can expect the game to be a continuation of the story and lore established in the two previous games. Get a more in depth look by visiting the full piece over at Gamespot.

Underworld Ascendant was successfully funded via Kickstarter to the tune of $860,356, and is also Greenlight on Steam. It is expected sometime in November 2016.