YouTube Gaming Adds Twitch-Like Donation System for Streamers

Google has announced that it will implement fan donations for its YouTube Gaming platform and support for Android game streaming. 

The former developer is particularly notable for game makers who livestream themselves playing or developing games. The people at YouTube are beta testing dual 'Fan Funding' and 'Sponsorship' systems which will allow broadcaster to accept one-off and monthly donations in exchange for perks such as sponsor-only hangouts.  

It's unclear if these features will be extended to the wider YouTube net in future.

These new features bring YouTube Gaming more in-line with rival Twitch, which already offers mobile game streaming and has had a Twitcher Partner program for some time, which allows streamers to accept money through the channel subsciption system.

Other improvements include making it easier to see when live streams for games in your collection are taking place. There's an enhanced video bookmarking system for the Watch Later feature, including a revamped watched page on the YouTube Gaming website