Shovel Knight Developer Announces DLC Release Date

Shovel Knight: Plague of Shadows, the free DLC funded via a stretch goal in Shovel Knight’s 2013 Kickstarter campaign, will be released for free on all platforms on Sept. 17, 2015, developer Yacht Club Games announced.

In Plague of Shadows, players play as Plague Knight, a boss from the original Shovel Knight. The DLC contains both a new adventure (re: story) mode as well as a challenge mode. Players will need to complete the original Shovel Knight before being able to play Plague of Shadows, but if you are someone who finished Shovel Knight on one platform, but would like to play Plague of Shadows on a different platform this time around, Yacht Club Games will be providing “a special code” for those that want to jump right into Plague of Shadows.

Shovel Knight was originally released in 2014 on Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, and Microsoft Windows (Mac and Linux versions followed later that year). This past April, Shovel Knight was released on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, and Xbox One. The PlayStation versions featured Kratos from the God of War series as an exclusive character. Alternatively, the Xbox One features a Battletoads character. And the recently announced Shovel Knight amiibo will unlock additional features on Nintendo platforms, like co-op on Wii U.

You can check out more details on the free Plague of Shadows DLC here and you can check out our review of the original Shovel Knight game here.

Source: Yacht Club Games