Shenmue 3 Most Funded Kickstarter At Over $ 6 Million, Will Open Up Paypal Backing Soon

Ys Net has successfully finished its Kickstarter with $6,333,296 for the development of Shenmue 3, beating out Bloodstained as the most funded game project on Kickstarter.

This amount comes from 69,320 backers, but Ys Net is hoping to raise even more. Yu Suzuki revealed on livestream that they will be opening up Paypal as funding options soon. Yu did famously say it would take them $ 10 million to makeShenmue 3 a truly open world game, so they are still looking for funding to get there.

At this point, the sky is the limit for Ys Net, as they can easily raise the rest of that $ 10 million and then some. They may start raising extra money for those Wii U and Xbox One ports they promised were still in consideration, but a new issue arises, other high profile projects have famously stalled in development.

I am, of course, alluding to Star Citizen, criticized by backer and industry veteran Derek Smart. You can read the last update on this situation here. However, also relevant and disconcerting is the case of Godus, recently taken over by new management. And, in fact, there is also the case of Project CARS, and I am sure you can name your own pet projects whose execution have left something to be desired.

Are you one of many skeptical regarding Shenmue 3? Or are you one of the diehard fans still looking forward to this game? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

Shenmue 3 will be released on PlayStation 4 and Windows.