Devil’s Third’s Itagaki Tells Fans To Calm Down Post E3, He ‘Will Do It’

Tomonobu Itagaki has broken his silence since E3, telling fans to calm down about Devil’s Third.


plz, calm down everyone here.i will do it.

Posted by Tomonobu Itagaki on Sunday, 21 June 2015

The Wii U exclusive was resurrected from the dead by Nintendo Co. Ltd, funding it and helping in development via its famed internal studio, Nintendo SPD. It has also already received release dates for Europe and Japan, and is even already available for preorder. However, Nintendo of America has proven oddly silent about the game. They did not share the same press releases as Nintendo of Europe and NCL did, and they also did not feature the game at any point during E3, including the Digital Event, any of the Treehouse Live streams, and not even in any of the presentations with media partners IGN and Gamespot.

To put it quite simply, we still do not have any official word on what is going on. There is a rumor running around that Nintendo of America has opted not to publish the game, as mentioned in Itagaki’s Facebook page by a fan here, but this rumor does not completely make sense. It raises the question if a localization has been made for the US at all, when Europe already has one. That European localization only comes with English and French subtitles, but it will have full English voice acting.

 It’s possible that the game is getting an undisclosed delay for the US, and fits in the Wii U’s release schedule as one of the unrevealed titles releasing any time between now until early 2016.

Are you still looking forward toDevil’s Third? Do you think Itagaki is alluding to Valhalla publishing Devil’s Third in the US? How do you think Nintendo of America or Valhalla should break the news regarding its release? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.