Metroid Prime Federation Force Is Not A True Metroid Prime Sequel

The reveal of Metroid Prime Federation Force was not taken to kindly by hardcore Metroid Prime fans, but they had nothing to worry about, as it seems this is a transition title to the next big sequel in the series.

Developed by Next Level games, Metroid Prime Federation Force is a cooperative portable shooter for Nintendo 3DS, allowing you to play in a squad of four online or locally. There is an objective based mission campaign set in the Metroid universe, which will allow you to use the blaster and other Metroid weapons, and aim with the 3DS gyroscope. It also comes bundled with Nintendo World Championships side game Blast Ball, a three on three sports game where you shoot the ball into the opponent’s goal, but also get to use weapons and pickups.

Fan reaction to the game has been terrible. In fact, it’s so bad a petition has emerged asking for the game to be canceled. With over 3,000 signatures, fans complain the game is unrecognizable from the regular Metroid titles, with Samus’ unexplained disappearance probably the biggest factor. The YouTube trailer also has more dislikes than likes.

However, the fans were misguided to do so, because this isn’t the next direction for Metroid Prime. In a new interview, Metroid Prime producer Kensuke Tanabe, who wasn’t involved in Metroid Prime Federation Force, revealed his plans for the true sequel.

The end of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption saw a ship following Samus’ ship as she goes off into the distance. Tanabe confirmed that this is Sylux, and he is chasing after her for unexplained reasons (perhaps a bounty against her?)

Tanabe hopes to involve the Federation in the chase between Samus and Sylux, but in the meantime, Metroid Prime Federation Force is a mere extension of the universe.

Are you willing to give Metroid Prime Federation Force a chance, or are you waiting on the next true Metroid Prime sequel? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.