FIFA 16 Rumored To Be Acquiring UEFA, NASL Licenses

Are you looking forward to FIFA 16? A series of rumors seem to imply that EA Sports is poised to wrest any remaining interest from PES onto itself.

There are rumors that EA wrested the UEFA license from Konami for this year. Of course, this isn’t all that unlikely, given that Konami seems to be switching gears and has yet to announce this year’s PES.

EA does already have the UEFA International Cup License, albeit untouched for some time. EA could take the licence in several directions, including adding them in the base game as Career Mode competitions, making UEFA DLC, or even a new and separate UEFA Euro 2016 game.

This other rumor would clinch FIFA’s domination as the solo soccer game in the planet, however. Apparently, EA was spotted in the middle of talks with the North American Soccer League, or the NASL. They may have been negotiating the entry of the NASL, as well as Major League Soccer, into FIFA.

If the rumors are true, it would be more of a boon to NASL than to EA, truthfully, as soccer continues to struggle to gain a foothold in the average American sports fan’s consciousness.