FIFA 16: Fans Want Improved Search Feature for Positions

Redditor MaximusTheSmall has posted an image of some of the revised search options he'd like to see in FIFA 16 for player positions and other aspects related to the game.

One PC player noted that it's difficult to search for good CDM/CM/CAM players which have moved to a different position given that there aren't too many of them on the market. 

Another added: "Being able to search your club for RF/RW/RM etc and being able to switch concept players positions are the two things FIFA 16 needs that would be so easy to implement. And some way of seeing in-game stats of a player without having to go to Futhead or being in a game. I want to know how good my player is without having to use a website or start a game and endlessly pause it."

Fans have previously suggested which players need to be upgraded for the game, as well as some minimalist Ultimate Team concept art

Earlier this week pre-orders for FIFA 16 opened on Amazon Italy for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One, with prices ranging from €60 to €73 depending on the platform. 

EA Sports is hiring narrative designers, suggesting the game may have a story mode.