Pillars of Eternity: Basic Stats and Character Build Guide

There's been a lot of positive coverage about Obsidian's Pillars of Eternity and with the game's launch we've put together a guide looking at the game's attributes so you can make the most of your characters.

Attributes define a character's abilities beyond class and other bonuses. A character's attributes are decided in character creation and affect stats such as Health, Stamina, Accuracy, Fortitude, Deflection, Will, and Reflex.

The six primary attributes are Might, Constitution, Intellect, Dexterity, Perception, and Resolve. The benefits of choosing each stat is listed below.  


Bonus: 3+ Endurance and Health, 2+ Fortitude

Might is a character's brute strength and ability to channel magic. Damage, Healing, and Fortitude are all impacted by this attribute. 


Bonus: 2+ Endurance, 2+ Health 

Constitution determines overall health and stamina. A character's maximum Health and Endurance are affected by this attribute, along with Fortitude defence. 


Bonus: 6+ Area of Effect, 5+ Duration, and 1+ Will 

Intellect can make an impact in conversations and with problem solving. In combat, Intellect determines Will defence, as well as Durations for Areas of Effect for all talents and abilities.


Bonus: 3+ Action Speed and 2+ Reflex  

Dexterity impacts Action Speed in combat, a player's overall grace, and contributes to the Reflex defence. 


Bonus: 3+ Interrupt, 1+ Deflection, 2+ Reflex

Perception enhances a player's senses, and can be used to detect when someone lies. It also contributes to Deflection and Reflex defences. 


Bonus: 3+ Concentration, 1+ Deflection, 2+ Will

Resolve represents a player's determination and leadership. It helps players maintain Concentration, and contributes to the Will and Deflection defences. 

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