PlayStation 5 Restock Scheduled Today At Sony

Sony and Microsoft both had a tough uphill battle regarding their latest generation of console platforms. Both were looking to get the consoles out into the marketplace in 2020, which was hyped up by fans. However, we all know what 2020 brought, and we’re still dealing with this pandemic today. Still, it’s quite an accomplishment for both companies to make the console debut during a worldwide pandemic. So, rather than hold off, we saw these console launches, although in relatively limited quantities. 

If you wanted a PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, or the Xbox Series S, you essentially had to pre-order a unit. They were quickly sold out, and that’s usually the case for every major console platform launch. However, we’re nearly a year into the console lifecycle, and still, players around the world are having a challenging time getting their hands on a unit. We’re trying to keep players informed on when restocks are happening, and today we’re finding out that a restock will hit the official Sony store later on.

PlayStation 5 consoles are being offered through a purchase invitation. It looks like some console purchase email invitations have gone out, and it will allow those invited to purchase a console starting at 11 AM PT today. There are some steps involved with this purchase. First, for those who receive the invite, you’ll need to log in using the email address and password associated with your PSN ID. Likewise, the URL will be unique to you, so you can’t share it around with friends.

If you didn’t receive the invite, then we’ll continue hunting down some new restock announcements and rumors to share. These consoles are tough to come by, and it’s likely to get even more demanding. We’re moving into the holiday season, which means there will likely be a more significant demand for these consoles. That ultimately means that scalpers will be picking up more units to flip online and potential scams. So stay safe and try to get a console from a retailer directly if possible