New Mega Man Game Is a Korean-Exclusive Endless Runner

The last "proper" Mega Man game was 2012's Rockman Xover, a free-to-play social RPG for iOS and Android devices in which you take control of a customizable robot who automatically runs through flat levels while fighting enemies and bosses appropriated from the entire Mega Man franchise. It was never localized out West due to the tremendous amount of negative feedback regarding the nature of the game on top of Capcom's cancellation of every other Mega Man project in production.

It's about time for a Mega Man revival, is it not? Sadly, Rockman GoGo! is not the grand return anyone was expecting. Developed by Jenoi, a company that Capcom hired to port various Mega Man mobile titles for South Korea, it's an endless runner exclusively for Android devices. It uses graphics and music from PSP's Mega Man Powered Up and allows you to play as Mega himself or any of the other Robot Masters.

This is about as much effort as you can expect from Capcom when it comes to Mega Man. If it's not Resident Evil or Monster Hunter, it might as well be trash to them.

It's not like people don't care about the series anymore — you only need to go back to Mega's Smash Bros. reveal, or better yet, the sheer fervor spectators had for the character during the Smash Invitational this past E3. Then you have a company like Archie Comics, whose Mega Man comic adaptation is extremely popular and highly acclaimed due to its deep examination into morality and the repercussions of giving sentience to machines. And of course, there are the fans making quality games of their own, like Mega Man Unlimited or Mega Man Legends 3: The Prologue 2D Ver., all while Capcom can't even bother to build its own half-baked endless runner and must contract some other studio to handle the task.

But yeah, that's modern-day Capcom. Whatever.