Pixar’s Up in 3D for Sale on 3DS in Japan

One of the side features that Nintendo has tried to push since the launch of the 3DS is its ability to play 3D video content. Though we have the Nintendo Video service and random surprises like Pikmin Short Movies, the machine is sorely lacking in feature-length 3D films. Is it too late to make a push in that direction? I don't know, but that hasn't stopped Nintendo and Disney from joining forces in order to release Up in 3D in Japan.

The 2009 Pixar animated classic was released in Japan on Christmas Eve, but so far, there's no word on whether it will brought worldwide. I don't see why it shouldn't, although I hope they decide on a better price out West — the movie costs a prohibitive 3240 yen (about $27), which is way too step for a digital movie, especially one that can only be viewed on a single device that isn't ideal for movie-watching to begin with.

But I do wish for this experiment's success. Maybe it will lead to more 3D movies on 3DS — here's hoping for The Lego Movie!