Tetris Ultimate Released With Bugs On Both PlayStation 4 & Xbox One

Around 24 hours after its release, it has been confirmed that Tetris Ultimate on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is broken.

You may have seen two videos from IGN confirming that the game does not work well on PS4. The game's developers, SoMa Play, actually went to their studio personally, and believe that the issue lies with the friends list on that console. They advocate that you disconnect the PS4 from the internet to get it running smoothly.

To be clear, the game also has online DRM, so you actually need to boot the console online first, and then disconnect just before you boot the game so that Ubi's servers will deactivate said DRM.

IGN's issues with the PS4 version were independently corroborated here, but they are actually not unique to a few users. These posts from Xbox One users here and here confirm that they are also running into issues with the game.

The issues Xbox One owners have run into seem to be basically the same. The game lags in certain parts, even from the boot screen alone. Trying to enter multiplayer games is a nightmare, but if you do single player, you may find that those modes work fine.

Have you picked up the game for either console? Did you have problems with it as well? Share your experiences with us below.