Bioshock Infinite Alights Onto Linux 2015

2K Games has confirmed that they are preparing a Linux port for Bioshock Infinite. They will share more information regarding the  port in 2015, presumably the same year it will be published.

2K committed to porting their games to the OS, so this is no surprise. Fans suspected that this port was next in line when they noticed it appearing in the Steam database.

If you have Steam on your Linux OS now, you can already download the game. The game won’t run until the binaries are finally released, of course, but this way you can get that much of a head start.

Aspyr Media was assigned to port the game for Max OS X, but it’s not clear who is doing the job this time. It’s also not known at this time if 2K intends to bundle all DLC or sell it separately.

Are you a Linux gamer? Are you looking forward to playing this game in your OS? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.