Dragon Age Inquisition Guide: How to Generate Guard

Dragon Age: Inquisition can be a very daunting title when first approached, much like the creatures and enemies within. We're here to help, as some players are seemingly very confused as to how you generate 'Guard' in-game. Remember that only abilities which explicitly say "generate xx% Guard" will generate Guard. This should help you navigate our guide more quickly.

Here are the abilities that generate Guard as a Warrior. The abilities with an asterisk (*) next to them also require you to have learnt the passive ability, as well. The passive ability is the smaller icon located next to the main symbol, in case you didn't know.

1H & S:

  • Shield Wall – Generates guard if hit by enemies in the front while Shield Wall is active; costs stamina. Can build up Guard very quickly against multiple/fast attacks, as long as your stamina holds. Make sure to only hold up shield when necessary Dark Souls style. Precise amount is not shown in tooltip, but from experience it looks like a flat 10% per hit.


  • Block and Slash* – Only if the passive Flawless Defense is also learnt. Successfully countering an attack generates 15% guard. Costs stamina per sec while it's active until parrying an attack. Very costly if you don't time it properly.


  • War Cry – AoE taunt. Generates 20% Guard per enemy within range. In other words, 100% Guard if 5 enemies within range, but only 20% if only a single enemy within range.

  • Challenge – Single-target taunt. Generates a flat 10% Guard.

  • Charge Bull – A toggled charge ability. Toggle to start charging, and toggle off when you want to stop (otherwise it stops only when you are out of stamina). The trajectory of the charge can be slightly adjusted during the charge outside tactical mode. Generates 10% Guard for every enemy hit. An enemy can be hit multiple times (usually twice at most), if it's knocked back by the first hit and then hit again. It will waste you a lot of stamina if you initiate the charge too far away from enemies. I recommend using this at/near melee range instead.

  • Unbowed – Generates 10% (20% with passive) for every nearby enemy. Does nothing else.


  • To the Death* – Generates 25% Guard everytime the taunted enemy takes damage.

  • Walking Fortress* – Temporary damage immunity (8 secs). With passive Siege-breaker unlocked, it generates 10% Guard every time you are hit.

  • Counterstrike – Ultimate ability using Focus. Generates 100% Guard, among other deadly effects.

If you're trying to generate Guard using any other avenue than these abilities, you'll be sorry to hear that your efforts are in vain. Only these abilities will allow you to procure the veritable 'extra health' that Guard gives, so your best bet is to try and work towards them.