Deathloop Deep Dive Goes Over Julianna Blake PVP

One of the anticipated video game titles still slated to hit the marketplace this year is Deathloop. Developed by Arkane, this is an FPS action title that has players stuck in a time loop with the goal of eliminating eight specific targets. One of the more exciting aspects of this game is the PVP element. Here you’ll be able to take the role of an antagonist and invade other player’s games. We have heard about this game mode a bit in the past, but a new deep-dive video with developers gives a bit more insight.

The campaign has players taking the role of Colt, an assassin that must take out the different targets around the island. However, there’s another optional role, which is Julianna Blake. This is another skilled assassin that only has one mark to take out, and that’s Colt. In the game, players can take the role of Julianna and invade other player’s game campaigns. Overall, the goal is to eliminate Colt. However, outside of just having the thrill of playing an antagonistic character, the developers feel that different interesting moment’s will likely come from this PVP mode.

Meanwhile, there is a reason you’ll want to battle Julianna. If you successfully take out Julianna then Colt is rewarded with special drops. These drops are more powerful and could really help their loadout. Outside of weapons, there are powers and even Residuum, which is a rare resource. Spending Residuum will give Colt the option of retaining gear onto the next loop. Still, it’s not going to be an easy battle, and it can get a bit frustrating for some players.

If that ends up being the case for some players not finding invading Julianna’s all that fun to mess with, then they can turn the feature off. It won’t turn Julianna off completely from the game, but going forward she will be controlled by AI. Fortunately, we’ll get a chance to try out Deathloop for ourselves to come on September 14, 2021. With that said, it will only be available on PC and PlayStation 5 initially. Then, after a year exclusivity deal, players should pick up the game on Xbox Series X/S.