Dishonored Rumored To Be Adapted In Upcoming Netflix Series

We’re getting used to seeing big video game franchises get a television or movie adaptation treatment. In the past, these adaptations were not made in the best of light. They were parodies, more or less. However, things have changed, and we’ve seen some adaptations blow up in popularity. It could mean that more focus is on making these series or movies based closely around the source material this time.

Now multiple productions are in the works right now. We have the Resident Evil reboot movie, The Last of Us HBO series adaptation, and an Uncharted movie prequel. None of the productions mentioned are out just yet. With that said, it looks like we may soon add another production into the mix. Reports are going out that Bethesda’s Dishonored, a game IP which is now owned by Microsoft, is getting adapted.

This is a stealth-based action-adventure game. There are only two mainline installments alongside a spin-off. Currently, the last installment came in 2017, which was Dishonored: Death of the Outsider. Fans have been waiting for a new installment to come out, but now that it’s under the ownership of Microsoft, there’s a chance we may see this IP get picked back up. It’s tough to say just what Microsoft has planned, but a rumor suggests that at the very least, a Netflix deal has been made.

Don’t hold your breath, as this is just a rumor that originates from Giant Freakin Robot. Still, this has left some fans wondering just what the future may hold for the IP. Perhaps a successful Netflix series could sway Microsoft to release a new game installment. Although, there’s nothing to suggest that will be the case quite yet. Are you hoping to see Dishonored return as a Netflix series? There have been some successful adaptations in the past on Netflix such as the latest Resident Evil series to even Castlevania. Perhaps we can soon add Dishonored to that list.