Remedy Pleads it’s Innocence on Alan Wake’s 360 Exclusivity

Alan wake pc

Alan Wake‘s Xbox 360 exclusivity announced at X10 received major backlash from the PC gaming community who were baffled with Remedy’s decision to kill the PC version of Alan Wake. Microsoft said, earlier this week, that the game was more suited for a TV setup.

In an interview with Vg247, Oskari Häkkinen, franchise head at Remedy said that the Xbox exclusivity has more to do with Remedy being a small studio and less with the whole TV experience, Microsoft had us believe.

Oskari said,

We’re not going out there to say that PC gamers can’t enjoy it from their own PC set-up. We’re certainly not saying that. We have a strong heritage in PC gaming as well. But, frankly, we’re a small studio. We’re 50 people, and being a small studio, it makes a lot more sense for us to focus on one platform.

Oskari later added that a future release on the PC would only be possible from a “sit down” with Microsoft to “see where the title goes”.