Battlefield 2042 Should Be Considered A Live Service Game

For FPS fans, two notable franchises are popping up this year. We have both Call of Duty and Battlefield. The latter of the two is a franchise we don’t see annually. Unlike Call of Duty, Battlefield games don’t receive an annual release. Instead, they are given DLC and updates to keep players logging back online regularly. However, EA’s CEO Andrew Wilson alerted investors that we can think of Battlefield as a live service game going forward.

Battlefield 2042 scraps the single-player campaign and instead focuses more on multiplayer. We can expect a few game modes to show up, but Portals is one of the more anticipated modes among fans right now. Now it looks like we may see a series of updates coming out to keep Battlefield 2042 active for a long time to come. If this franchise turns into a live service experience, the development team likely has a slew of post-launch content planned. While EA’s CEO did note to investors that Battlefield should be viewed as a live service title, they didn’t expand on that statement.

Perhaps we’ll see more about what to expect post-launch to Battlefield 2042 as we get closer to the launch date. Regardless, there’s bound to be plenty of players jumping onto this new installment. While we know that a ranked game mode won’t be available at launch, Portals is a notable addition for fans to get excited about. This mode will allow players to create their own unique matches and even incorporate past Battlefield video games elements.

As it stands right now, Battlefield 2042 will be released on October 22, 2021. Likewise, when the game releases, players can pick up a copy for the PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and the Xbox Series X/S platforms. Meanwhile, we also have Call of Duty 2021 coming out, which is said to be in a familiar setting.