New World Has Been Delayed To September 28th

New World was a hyped MMORPG title from Amazon Games. After trying to get some stable footing in the video game industry, New World could finally become their big hit. Previously, the company was pushing Crucible, a third-person free-to-play multiplayer game. Shortly after its release, the studio killed the game off, and focus went towards New World. Now, after a successful beta run, the feedback developers had received is being implemented into the game. This will ultimately push New World’s release date back, but the studio is hopeful fans will understand and hold on just a few more weeks.

For those of you who played New World, the beta offered not only a chance to try the game out but to offer feedback. All the bugs and criticisms allowed the developers a chance to rework the game before its full launch. Over the beta duration, New World was a hit with players who tried the beta. Players enjoyed sitting in to watch streamers go through the game. This was something that the developers highlighted in their latest message to fans on their official New World Twitter account.

Again, the focus right now is to push the game back a few more weeks. During this time, the developers will offer some new bug fixes that popped up in the beta, along with polishing the game up. It should allow for a more seamless gameplay experience when it does launch into the marketplace on its new release date, September 28, 2021. Of course, just how many players will jump into this game at launch remains to be seen.

Unlike some other notable MMORPG titles, New World offers a buy-to-play model. This means that players will have to purchase a copy of the game. However, there’s no monthly subscription fee afterward, so players will enjoy this game without paying extra fees. New World is currently only launching on the PC platform. Perhaps down the road, we’ll see this game receive console platform ports. But right now, there doesn’t seem to be any plans for ports at the moment.