Supposedly This Sony Leak Game List Shows Grand Theft Auto 6 Coming In 2022

Many anticipated games are coming out that we don’t have any details as to when they’ll actually hit the market. One of those is Grand Theft Auto 6. Right now, it seems that Rockstar Games can’t get away from Grand Theft Auto V or Grand Theft Auto Online. In fact, ports for the games are still coming for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. Apparently, a leaked Sony list of games and release dates has surfaced. Within that list is a reference to Grand Theft Auto 6.

Before you get too excited, it’s best to not put much weight into rumors. Supposed leaks for Grand Theft Auto 6 have come up plenty of times in the past and we have seen leaks get debunked. For instance, a recent map image that surfaced online was recently debunked by its own creator. If this image proves to be accurate, we can expect Grand Theft Auto 6 next year. 

The image has a series of games with release dates. Among the list is Grand Theft Auto 6, with a release date of October 28, 2022. However, even if this list of dates is legitimate, there is always the chance of delays. We’re seeing plenty of delays happen in the video game industry because of the worldwide health pandemic. Although, even with a delay, Grand Theft Auto 6 may come out in 2023. 

Unfortunately, it’s just a rumor for now, and we’ll have to wait and see what Rockstar Games unveils. After all, we’ve seen release dates all over the place for Grand Theft Auto 6 both in the near future and several years out. In other GTA 6 news, more speculation of whats to come has been spreading online thanks to a Rockstar Games employee personal social media post. Of course, nothing has been confirmed at the moment, but fans are wondering if the post is referencing Vice City.