Someone Just Bought A Rare $10,000+ Nintendo e-Reader Card

There’s been plenty of exciting auctions as of late for video games. We recently saw sealed copies of video games go for some rather hefty prices. For instance, auctions saw an $870,000 The Legend of Zelda, a $660,000 Super Mario Bros, to even The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim hitting $600. Also, if you recall, there was a recent auction through eBay for a rare Nintendo e-Reader card, and today we’re finding out just how much the card went for.

It looks like there is one gamer out there with some deep pockets. The rare Kirby Nintendo e-Reader card has sold for $10,600. That’s quite the shocking price for a single trading card, but it does have a neat backstory. This particular card was from 2002 E3. At the expo packs of e-Reader cards were handed out to visitors and some of these packs included a Kirby prize card. Naturally, finding first place cards were tough to come by. Likewise, the winning cards had likely been trashed.

Fortunately, one particular user found three packs and opened them up. Scanning with their Nintendo Game Boy Advanced e-Reader, it was discovered that there was a first place Kirby card. That’s when the individual took to eBay and managed to sell the card for over $10,000. Not only was the card scarce, but the e-Reader itself was poorly received.

The Nintendo e-Reader was an attachment to the Nintendo Game Boy Advance where consumers could purchase cards. By swiping the card through the e-Reader, the player would get a game to play or content for specific video games. This included the new Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3 items for Animal Crossing. After releasing in 2002 for North America, the e-Reader was discontinued in 2004.