A Sealed Copy Of The Legend of Zelda At Auction Sold For Over $800,000


The auction has concluded and after the bidding war it looks like one lucky gamer is adding the sealed and graded copy of The Legend of Zelda for the Nintendo Entertainment System. For those of you wondering, the video game managed to sell for $870,000.

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Entertainment media can fetch some big prices decades later. Whether it’s rare and limited prints to early run editions, having a pristine condition unit can be well worth dusting off to see just what you could get for it. For instance, video games have been booming in collectibility with one owner of a sealed early unit release of The Legend of Zelda. We’ve seen some other past video games hit insane prices online, but when it comes to one of Nintendo’s most iconic franchises we’re already seeing the auction surpass $100,000. There are some fans out there that will pay whatever it takes to add this game to their collection.

This particular auction is being held at Heritage Auctions which has a graded 9.0 sealed copy of The Legend of Zelda for the Nintendo Entertainment System. The auction won’t end for another three days so you have plenty of time to see this auction go through the process of being sold. As mentioned, the current sale has this game already hitting $110,000 right now. That’s quite a bit of money to spend on a game. 

Regardless, it’s incredibly hard to find units in pristine shape especially with such a popular video game title. To have it graded also helps push the price to all-time highs. We may never see another unit like this hit the auction so this might set the bar for this game for a good while. With three days left, it’ll also be interesting to see just how far this video game will reach before the auction comes to an end. You can of course watch the auction go on right now through the official Heritage Auctions website right here.

This might be a good time to dig through those boxes in the attic, basement, or garage in hopes you have a diamond in the rough like this game. For now, we’ll have to wait and see just how much money this game goes for and see if there are any other incredibly popular video game titles to have also hit the marketplace which may seek a small fortune. There’s plenty of iconic and classic video games so there are bound to be others to also show up at auction. 

Source: Heritage Auction