The Dead Space Remake is Real, and It’s Coming to PS5, PC, and Xbox Series X/S

Electronic Arts has finally revealed that the long-rumored Dead Space remake is indeed in production. We didn’t get more than a brief glimpse in the teaser trailer, which was shown at the very end of today’s EA Play Live event. We don’t know much about this remake, except a few tidbits, but at least the long-awaited day has come and we know for sure this exists, and it’ll be released on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

We first began hearing rumors about a remake of Dead Space from VentureBeats’ Jeff Grubb, who reported at the beginning of the month that the remake was in the works with developer Motive. According to Grubb, the remake will take more than a few cues from the recent remakes of Resident Evils 2 and 3, meaning it’ll have the original as a base and inspiration, but will otherwise update the game for modern gamers and could possibly give it a story update.

The trailer shown at EA Play Live didn’t show any of those things, exactly. It was introduced by host Austin Creed, and it simply showed a series of bloodied space station hallways with only a brief glimpse of a Necromorph — had I not had a clue what it could have been from Grubb’s report, I might have assumed this was the System Shock remake that’s also supposedly still in development. Then the trailer cuts to a very familiar armored back, complete with glowing spine: Isaac Clarke in the flesh.

The problem with the teaser trailer we got is that it doesn’t show — well, anything really. We saw the familiar space armor of Isaac Clarke, and the claustrophobic confines of a ruined space station, but nothing else. A bloody sign painted on the wall reads “Cut off their limbs,” which presumably means the combat will remain the same. Other than that, everything about this remake is up in the air.