Humankind Developers Are Removing Denuvo Before Launching The Game

DRM is quite a popular subject in video games as you’ll find plenty of reasons as to why DRM is a good thing along with plenty of reasons why it can lead to problems. As of late, we’ve started to see more problems regarding DRM and it’s left some developers to make a few more considerations when adding these lines of security software measures into their video games. One development studio, in particular, is going ahead right now and removing Denuvo DRM from their upcoming video game launch.

As mentioned, there’s plenty of reasons why players are not that fond of DRM. While it’s a security measure to keep the game purchases legitimate and avoid piracy from leaking the game files to everyone online, it’s also proven to be a hassle. For instance, Ubisoft recently had to remove its game from digital storefronts. If you don’t recall, earlier this month Might & Magic 10 Legacy was removed from digital storefronts because the DRM was preventing players from actually accessing the game any longer. Because the DRM in particular required the game to connect online for a security check, the server for the title had to remain online. When Ubisoft removed the server the game ceased from being accessible. 

Online security checks do prove to be a problem for that reason alone but also to players that may not have the greatest internet connection or potentially find their internet being dropped off completely. However, there’s another aspect to why DRM has proven to be a problem and that’s performance-based. You might also recall Resident Evil Village having a stuttering issue with the PC platform of the game. It’s something that gamers have expressed concern about to Capcom but it was only recently that it was discovered Denuvo to be the culprit. When the game was cracked and piracy allowed the game to be downloaded without Denuvo, the performance improved. Now Capcom has since rectified this with a patch that improved the performance, but those headlines might have swayed Amplitude Studios away from using Denuvo.

Amplitude Studios has Humankind coming out and for a good while now we knew that the title would be using Denuvo as their DRM of choice. Today the studio announced through their forum that they would be removing Denuvo as the performance is proving to be an issue with the DRM integrated. The studio goes on to say that this is something that could be fixed but not in time for a release. Overall, the studio is aware that piracy would open up for this game at launch but their goal is to provide the best player experience which means removing Denuvo. Currently, Humankind will be released on PC and Google Stadia this August 17, 2021.

Source: Amplitude Studios, PC Gamer