Potential Leaks Discovered For Cyberpunk 2077 DLC

CD Projekt Red is a well-known and beloved video game development studio. They found their fame and glory with their work on The Witcher trilogy several years ago at this point. These video games brought in a lively world, in-depth storytelling, and a long RPG journey for players to dive into. As a result, it was clear that there was already a massive fan base ready to pick up whatever their next big RPG release would be and that of course was Cyberpunk 2077. This was a hyped-up video game and the anticipation continued to grow over the years as fans waited for the proper unveilings along with its launch.

Of course, over the years we’ve seen delays, some of which happened after the game went gold. It wouldn’t be until December of 2020 that fans were able to get their hands on a copy of the game. Unfortunately, that game was a buggy mess, and to make things worse, the base model PlayStation 4 along with Xbox One consoles were essentially unplayable. This prompted countless returns and even Sony dropping the Cyberpunk 2077 title digitally for several months. With so many players let down along with others frustrated that they couldn’t even play their game without game-breaking glitches, CD Projekt Red had an uphill battle.

Since the game launched, CD Projekt Red has continued to bring out patches and updates to fix areas of the game. Now the developers are finding the game to be in a satisfactory state with even Sony bringing the digital version of Cyberpunk 2077 back into play, it’s become a waiting game for the DLC. We knew that there were expansions and DLC planned for this game and the content planned was supposed to be unveiled before Cyberpunk 2077 was even released. The series of delays and setbacks, unfortunately, resulted in the expansions along with DLC packs being pushed aside.

While we don’t have anything officially unveiled at the moment, a dataminer has released what they believe are DLC and expansion details found within the game files. Most files are just small bits of text like dlc5_jackets, but it’s a safe bet that we can expect the free DLC to range from clothing, weapons, to even a New Game Plus mode. However, this digging around also allowed the dataminer to find out that there is an expansion that they believe will expand Pacifica with new areas, quests, and a combat zone. It’s also believed that these expansions will be as long as the expansions are released for The Witcher 3. Of course, this is speculation from what is discovered in various files so for now all we can do is just wait for CD Projekt Red to make some official reveals when it comes to giving players a reason in returning to Night City.

Source: Reddit, Comicbook