Alan Wake 5 Minute Gameplay Blowout

New footage of Alan Wake has been released on the internet. A french gaming blog,, got an exclusive preview to Remedy’s upcoming psychological action thriller game, Alan Wake, releasing exclusively on the Xbox 360 on May 18 in the US and May 21 in UK. PC gamers will be shaking their heads in despair looking at this footage as PC version of the game has been officially canned.

Check out the video below

Alan Wake 5 Minute gameplay footage shows off the opening moments

In an interview with Eurogamer, Sam Lake, Lead Writer for Alan Wake, revealed that he would like to see the story of Alan Wake move on to other mediums. Remedy has done this before with movie adaptation of the Max Payne series which unlike the game lacked a fleshed-out plot.

Lake said,

From the very beginning, we planned to do more with Alan Wake than just this one game. Whether that means taking him into new mediums or into a new game remains to be seen. With the TV series as a model for the structure of the game, we kind of had plans to take things forward from there. Of course, a lot depends on how people react to the game and whether they want to see more of Alan Wake. That being said, we feel that the game needs to reach a conclusion. The player needs to achieve the goals he’s been challenged with and Alan needs to reach the end of his journey, at the same time we need to open doors to a larger story beyond this one.