Grand Theft Auto Online Will Feature New Modifications For Vehicles Exclusive To PS5 & Xbox Series X/S

Rockstar Games is known mainly for the Grand Theft Auto franchise. It’s a highly controversial video game series and with each new installment, there’s plenty of coverage in the media about the game both for the good along the bad. Still, these games have been a massive hit and big seller for Rockstar Games, but we’ve had a long drought of waiting for a new installment. After the initial release of Grand Theft Auto V back in 2013, we’re nearing a decade of waiting for that next installment.

We’ve seen Grand Theft Auto V hit the Xbox 360 along with the PlayStation 3, before making its way onto PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One platforms. Rockstar Games is not done there as we know another enhanced edition is coming out for the Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 platforms. Although, Rockstar Games hasn’t unveiled much in terms of what we can expect to see different with this new release. Now we know of at least one small little addition that will be coming to the game for the latest generation of console platforms.

It looks like Rockstar Games will be bringing out a new set of modifications for select vehicles. We don’t know just what all these modifications will include or what vehicles will receive them, but that’s at least one small tidbit of information we can mark down to see added into the game for new players along with veteran fans as well. For now, it looks like this might just be a limited addition to the online gameplay component which makes sense as Grand Theft Auto Online has become the main reason players log online to play the game these days.

There’s still ample time for Rockstar Games to showcase new features or reasons players will want to pick up Grand Theft Auto V again for the latest-generation console platforms. Currently, Grand Theft Auto V is not set to release for the Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 consoles until November 11, 2021. With that said, more players are keener on the idea of Rockstar Games finally opening up on what they plan to do with Grand Theft Auto 6 as we have yet to see any official announcements regarding the next title installment.

Source: Comicbook