Twitch Malware Scheme Eskimo Stealing From Steam Accounts

A new Twitch malware called Eskimo is going after Steam accounts.

This malware has infiltrated the Twitch chatrooms. It posts links to raffles for a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive kit. After you click the link, you get a prompt to share your name and email address. Since this malware installs itself in your computer, it can bypass Steam’s security measures. In this way, it is able to access Steam accounts and steal from them.

There is a very easy way to avoid getting hacked in this way, of course, and that is to never click on random links in a chat room.

Just last April, news also spread around of a phishing scheme to access Steam accounts. This scam involved a pop-up screen that resembled the Steam Guard login screen.

Steam users always need to be careful where they share their login information. If you own a Steam account, have you ever been the victim of a phishing scam or know someone who has? Share your stories with us in the comments below.