The Last of Us Debut Season Will Consist of 10 Episodes

There’s been an interesting trend in the video game industry as of late. We’ve seen several video games get adapted into films but most will tell you that these films were pretty below par with the source material. Overall, it makes sense because it’s hard to adapt a big narrative journey you would get in a video game and condense all the content down into a two-hour flick. Some mediums can pull off a movie run or even a series of films, but to get all the little fine narrative details, sometimes movies are not the way to go. 

Fortunately, we’re starting to see some productions agree and turn video game adaptations into television series. One of the more anticipated series coming out is Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us. Naughty Dog in general has made some very detailed and cinematic-like video game experiences. As a result, these games could translate rather well into a television series adaptation much like The Last of Us. However, being that The Last of Us is a mature drama, it’s fortunate that HBO is the network this show landed on as we can get the full storyline without watering things down.

Plenty of fans out there have been watching this production closely whether it’s the crew being attached to the production along with the cast taking the roles of their favorite characters. For instance, we know that talent such as Pedro Pascal, Bella Ramsey, and Gabriel Luna is stepping into this role as Joel, Ellie, along Tommy. What we didn’t know is just how many episodes will be featured in the first debut season. 

That has since changed as word broke that the first season of this anticipated series is going to consist of 10 episodes. Of course, we don’t know just how far into the first video game installment this season will take us but at the very least we will at least get a good amount of episodes for this first season of the series. There are likely areas that the HBO series will explore that might have been cut from the initial game or simply added in to give viewers a bit more time with certain characters like Joel’s daughter Sarah who was recently unveiled to be portrayed by Nico Parker

Source: Comicbook