Blair Witch VR Now Available With PSVR Coming Later This Year

Blair Witch started as an indie film project that grew into a niche franchise. This horror movie followed a group of student filmmakers as they embarked in the woods shooting a documentary about an urban legend known as the Blair Witch. Things quickly turn for the worse and the crew ends up dead, but the film continues to live on and spark quite a big franchise including additional movies, novels, television series, and games. A new Blair Witch video game was unveiled during E3 2019 by Bloober Team. If you’re familiar with the development studio then you know these folks strive when it comes to horror titles.

In this game, players follow a former police officer named Ellis Lynch as he seeks out a missing boy. Seeking out in the woods with nothing more than a camera, cellphone, flashlight, and his trusty K9 companion Bullet, players find that there is something else lingering around in these woods. We won’t spoil anything here as the game is pretty short. If you have about six hours to kill then check into this game.

However, if you want to get immersed into the game or want to replay this game for a new experience then you might find some interest in Blair Witch VR which recently just hit the marketplace for the Oculus Rift. This will put players back about $29.99 which should give players a bit more of a thrilling experience for the mere fact that you’ll get the chance to feel like you’re in this world. 

While this VR edition may not be available outside of PC right now, that doesn’t mean it’s going to stay that way forever. If you’re on the PSVR and want to enjoy this game VR experience then you’re in luck. It looks like the Blair Witch VR Edition for the PSVR is planned for a summer release. Meanwhile, while this is one of the more recent releases of Bloober Team, most are itching to find out if their next big game with the Konami partnership turns out to be the highly anticipated and long-awaited Silent Hill video game.

Source: UploadVR