Smash Bros Adds Dante, Shantae, and the Dragonborn as Mii Costumes

Nintendo revealed the next batch of characters coming to Smash Bros Ultimate as costumes for the Mii Fighter characters. Turns out Dante is coming to Smash — but only as a Mii costume. Needless to say, some of his fans aren’t pleased. Dante and the other Mii costumes will be available for purchase in the game starting tomorrow, where they join alongside new fighter Kazuya from Tekken.

The new costumes were revealed in a livestream event in which Masahiro Sakurai revealed the details about Kazuya. Dante appeared onscreen in his flashy red coat and white hair. The other characters coming to Smash as Mii costumes include Shantae, the famous half-genie platformer hero, the Dovahkiin from Skyrim, and Lloyd from Tales of Symphonia. All of the Mii costumes are for Mii Swordfighters, except for Shantae who is a Mii Brawler costume. A Shantae song will also be available for purchase.

Of course, gamers who were hoping Dante would be his own separate character were not best pleased that he’s only going to be in the game in such a limited capacity. We already know that the next DLC character coming to Smash Bros Ultimate will be the last one, meaning the chances of Dante joining as himself and not as a costume are basically zero. Considering far more obscure characters like Min-Min have made the roster instead, it’s natural some of Dante’s fans feel a bit cheated.

As for which fighters could take the final slot, it’s anyone’s guess at this point. I can almost guarantee that no fighter they select will please everyone at this point. Unfortunately, Dante’s other appearance in a fighting game, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, is not as widely distributed as Smash Bros, meaning Mii Dante may be the closest we get to seeing Dante in a popular fighting game for the foreseeable future.