The Outer Worlds 2 Will Feature A New Crew And Star System

E3 2021 is filled with news and sometimes you might miss out on an announcement or update. After all, there’s plenty of content turning out regularly to get excited about, but if you missed it, The Outer Worlds is making a big return. The game which was developed by Obsidian Entertainment before they were acquired by Microsoft is once again working on the IP which has little to no information quite yet. While we’re not sure just what all this game will be about, we do know that it won’t be featuring the same cast of characters from the previous title.

If you don’t recall, The Outer Worlds is an action RPG that follows a protagonist saved from an internal doom by a mad scientist. You’re then thrown down into a planet where you’ll come across a plethora of NPCs who need your help. With plenty of choices to make and moral dilemmas to consider, this game had quite a fan base. However, after Microsoft’s acquisition and the final DLCs released for this title, there wasn’t any particular word on if we would see a new installment come out.

What better way to unveil The Outer Worlds 2 than a showing at E3 2021. This trailer, as mentioned earlier, doesn’t highlight anything new. Just like with the first game trailer, it was a parody of sorts and something to confirm that another game is being developed. Fans simply had to wait until the studio was ready to showcase more information about the game, its premise, and the characters you’ll meet. However, in a tweet from The Outer Worlds Twitter account, it was stated that this game would receive a new crew and a new star system. That’s not to say we might not see some characters from the past game, but it looks like the main group we’ll be going through the game with will be completely new.

While we don’t have any information about the sequel and when it will be unveiled, there is the first game you can play right now. Of course, with that said, you can likely expect The Outer Worlds 2 to remain an Xbox exclusive with it being available for the consoles along with the PC platforms.

Source: Twitter