Life is Strange Remastered Collection Trailer Unveiled

The Life is Strange franchise has grown to be quite the big adventure series today. It all started with the first installment back in 2015 which was developed by Dontnod Entertainment. However, during today’s Square Enix Presents stream, we received some footage of developers Deck Nine’s remastered edition for this game along with their developed title, Life is Strange: Before The Storm.

Within the initial video game installment of Life is Strange, players were following a young woman named Max who was attending her final year of high school. It was here that she was back into her old hometown of Arcadia Bay as she attended a prestigious school. Rekindling with her old best friend Chloe, Max discovers she possesses the ability to rewind time. As a result, Max and Chloe team up to uncover something truly sinister that happened at Arcadia Bay years ago along with a storm set to take out the town in the coming days.

Meanwhile, Life is Strange: Before The Storm was developed by Deck Nine which offered a prequel to Life is Strange. It’s within this game that we play the role of Chloe as we see just what her life was like before Max came back to Arcadia Bay. Now, both games are getting remastered treatments from Deck Nine with a release set for September 30, 2021.

The remastered editions for these games will improve the visuals, animations, and lip-sync. This should make for a better overall experience playing both titles. Likewise, with as big of a fan base that Life is Strange gained over the years, we will likely see both veteran players going back to enjoy this series once again along with newcomers who might have missed out on the titles originally.

Source: YouTube