Nearly Half Of 25 Games In Development From PlayStation Studios Are New IPs

It doesn’t come to much surprise to see that Sony has quite a few projects in the works when it comes to their line of PlayStation studios. There are a ton of games in development and that bit of news comes from Hermen Hulst the head of PlayStation Studios. During a recent Q&A session over at the official PlayStation Blog, Hermen unveiled that there are a ton of new IPs being developed at the moment.

Sony has quite the long line of exclusive titles players can dive into and several of these established franchises are likely to be accounted for in the coming years. At the moment, 25 projects are being developed at Sony and while Hermen confirmed that the majority of them will be based around established franchises, nearly half of them will be brand new. Perhaps we’ll see some of those new games in a stream event soon, but for now, Hermen feels that the new IP is the lifeblood of gaming.

We know that Bend Studio, the developers that last brought out the Days Gone video game are working on something new and according to Hermen the studio is building upon the open-world system that they brought out for Days Gone. While Days Gone had a following, it looks like Bend Studio may be moving on from the IP for something else thrilling for fans to take on, which will likely be exclusive to the PlayStation 5.

While we’re still waiting for the news to break on just what some of these new video game projects will be based around, earlier within the interview, Hermen did unveil that single-player and narrative-driven video games are in Sony’s DNA. All we can do now is wait and see just what Sony’s line of PlayStation Studios can deliver in the coming months to years. Our hope here is that when the time comes for these hopefully exciting new video games to launch is that most of everyone can get their hands easily on a PlayStation 5 console. 

Source: PlayStation Blog